Armless Delray Beach teen basketball player wows ESPN, wins Internet

Jamarion Styles, an armless Delray Beach teen, drills a three-pointer in a game for his Eagles Landing Middle School team.

Update, April 19, 2017: Superintendent Robert Avossa gave Jamarion Styles the coveted “Game Ball” award that the school’s boss typically reserves for employees who save the day. Tonight, he gave it to the student who inspired the district.

An armless Delray Beach teen is wowing the world with his lights-out shooting for the basketball team at Boca Raton’s Eagles Landings Middle School.

Thirteen-year-old Jamarion Styles became a sensation Thursday when ESPN aired footage of him nailing two three-point shots in a game this week with his school team at Eagles Landings.

In a subsequent interview, Styles, who lost his arms as a baby due to a bacterial infection, told ESPN’s SC6 that he also plays drums and that making those shots in the game was “a good feeling.”

“I’ve just been practicing. I was just trying to score my first points so I just shot from deep.”

VIDEO: Delray boy with no arms hits three-pointers in basketball game

Jamarion’s shooting and fearless spirit is winning accolades from across the country.




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