First day of school so far: High five for one on-time arrival, crossing fingers for all

6th grade, here I come!
6th grade, here I come!

UPDATE: A child was hit by a car near Egret Lake Elementary in West Palm Beach this morning. Our morning breaking news reporters will be checking for more details. This is what we know so far. 

Superintendent Robert Avossa’s first school stop this morning was West Riviera Elementary, where he high-fived the librarian when she reported her daughter’s bus arrived promptly at 6:30 a.m. Last year, mom had to drive daughter to Palm Beach Gardens High for two weeks. We’ll have a better update about 10:30 a.m.

The district is hoping to avoid bus woes by ditching the new technology it bought for last year. 

Avossa has two children who head off to school today. He said he’ll being doing the parent drop-off thing next week. They were still asleep when he left the house today.



ORIGINAL POST: As thousands of students head back to school, we’re headed out too. (That’s me headed out to school in… 1970-something.)

We’re asking you to be our eyes and ears out there and let us know how the first day is going. Did your child’s  bus show up on time? Did back-to-school traffic snarl your commute? Let us know.

Not only will parents and students be headed to the district’s 187 campuses, Superintendent Robert Avossa and Deputy Superintendent David Christiansen will be out and about too.

Follow me on twitter @sonjaisger to get a glimpse into the first day of school at several campuses, including West Riviera Elementary, Forest Hill High and Christa McAuliffe Middle.

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