Avossa: Plumbers’ rush to stabbing may have saved student

The student who was stabbed in a bathroom at Royal Palm Beach High School last month, likely owes his life to two plumbers who were working nearby and rushed into room when they heard a commotion, Superintendent Robert Avossa told a gathering of some 800 school administrators Tuesday morning.

Plumber Aaron Glover and Jimmy Johnson, a plumber’s assistant,  startled the student still armed with a knife, Avossa said. Once startled, the student dropped the knife and then waited there until administrators and police arrived. (Avossa emphasized that the student did not run and was not physically restrained.)

Read Glover and Johnson’s account here. 

“They ran towards the problem, not away from it,” Avossa said. “Our chief of police said they may well have stopped a murder.”

Photo courtesy Palm Beach County School District

Photo courtesy Palm Beach County School District


Investigators said the boy was stabbed 15 times during an attack by another student on Wednesday, May 25, as the school year was coming to a close. Police did not reveal what triggered the attack, but the attorney for the boy accused of wielding the pocket knife, Michelle Suskauer has said there is speculation that the fight was over a girl.

The Post has not named either student due to their ages.

At last update during the week of the incident, the victim remained in the hospital and the other boy was being held while authorities decided whether to charge him as an adult.


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