PBC students improved more in reading, math than other large counties

SAVE-classroomPalm Beach County’s public school students made more improvements on the state’s reading and math tests this year than any of Florida’s other large urban counties, state test scores show.

Fifty-five percent of the county’s students made significant improvements on the reading and writing portion of the Florida Standards Assessment, slightly more than the 54 percent who improved in neighboring Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

Palm Beach County’s students also made the biggest improvements on the math portion of the test, with 55 percent of students improving their scores significantly over the previous year. That beat out second-place Orange County, where 54 percent of students improved.

Learning GainsThe county also saw some of the greatest progress among its lowest-performing students. Forty-four percent of students in the bottom quartile made learning gains on the FSA’s reading and writing portion, second only to Miami-Dade’s 45 percent.

In the math portion, 42 percent of low-performing students made improvements, second only to Orange County’s 44 percent.

Deputy Superintendent David Christiansen credited the improvements to pushing out resources mid-year to schools where students were struggling the most, including extra tutors and specialists.

“We modified our approach on the fly,” he said.

He added that there is room to grow, particularly the lowest-performing students.


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