LWHS defended its Puerto Rican players in letter to FHSAA

The Palm Beach County School District  is waiting for the state’s athletic association to finish its investigation before commenting on a lawsuit that alleges 11 Lake Worth High baseball players were discriminated against when they were taken off the school’s baseball team amid claims they were ringers.

Though school officials removed the boys from the team April 1, Lake Worth High officials did defend the boys as legitimate students and players in a letter to the Florida High School Athletic Association dated April 6, 2016.fhsaa letter

In the letter, school officials said the boys had all the proper documentation to attend the school, that they were “age appropriate” and that the man with whom the boys live is indeed their guardian with verified power of attorney.

The letter criticizes Park Vista High baseball coach Larry Greenstein for his complain, saying his emailed complaint was not approved by his bosses at Park Vista. It notes that his concerns about where the boys live, and who who is responsible for them are unfounded and that Greenstein’s investigative tactics behind the complaint were “awkward”. An example, Lake Worth writes: “His injudicious prompt ‘Can a father of a player be the legal guardian for 8 players in two different apartments/households?‘ ”


The 11 boys are unrelated and were living in two apartments, though now they share one. Eight were on the varsity team, the others played junior varsity.

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