Here’s what the fire-breather billed Atlantic High for his botched show

Former stuntman Ricky "Inferno" Charles in the Atlantic High School gym, March 17, 2016, in Delray Beach, Florida, runs while on fire. (Photo provided)

Former stuntman Ricky “Inferno” Charles in the Atlantic High School gym, March 17, 2016, in Delray Beach, Florida, runs while on fire. (Photo provided)

The company that performed last week’s botched fire-breathing trick at Atlantic High School charged the school $500 for the event, records show.

Inferno’s Challenge, the company owned by entertainer Ricky “Inferno” Charles, sent the school a $500 invoice for the 1-hour “slam dunk show.” The invoice’s issue date was March 17, the same day that Charles accidentally lit himself on fire during the show’s finale at a school pep rally.

It is not clear whether Atlantic High plans to pay the company. A school district spokeswoman said Wednesday she could not confirm whether the invoice had been processed. The school’s principal has declined to comment on the incident, which is under school district investigation.

Inferno's Challenge invoice

Inferno’s Challenge invoice

The botched trick horrified many of the 2,000 students watching it live, and video of the accident posted online received international attention.

The invoice makes no mention of the show’s pyrotechnic component, although the company’s icon on the invoice shows a man breathing fire through a hoop.

Charles told reporters last week that he asked the school whether he should include the fire-breathing trick in the performance, and that the school told him to do so.

He said the trick went bad because he was experimenting for the first time with a new kind of lighter fluid.

School district officials say that the school’s principal, Tara Dellegrotti-Ocampo, approved the hiring of the company, but that it was not clear whether she knew that pyrotechnics would be included.

An insurance form provided to the school by Inferno’s Challenge shows that the company had $300,000 in coverage for fire damage.

It was not the first time Charles had performed pyrotechnics at a Palm Beach County high school. School records show that Spanish River High and Boca Raton High had also paid for shows involving fire in 2014.

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